Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fanholes Sidecast #19 - Mortal Shopping!

Fanholes regulars Tony (Chainclaw), Derek (derekwc), and Mike (Thunderwing) give commentary on the episode of Mortal Kombat: Conquest titled "Quan Chi."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fanholes Episode # 45: Go Team Winchester!

This episode, the gang discusses their favorite versions of Superman's arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. Then they participate in a roundtable revealing their favorite video game console, followed by a discussion about advances in Transformers toys over the years, and finally discuss the currently-airing CW show, Supernatural.

Fanholes Episode # 45: Go Team Winchester! ABobo's Big Adventure

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fanholes Side Story: Curse of Dark Shadows part 2

In addition to returning to the big screen with a new feature film Dark Shadows has also returned to comics. Dynamite has been publishing new adventures of Barnabas and company since last October. Written by Stuart Manning, who also wrote several Big Finish Audio Drama stories for Dark Shadows, has picked up where the series left off.
When we last saw Barnabas on the series he had went back in time to 1840 to prevent the destruction of the Collinwood Estate. His mission accomplished, he and 'sidekick' Dr. Julia Hoffman returned to their home time of 1971. The new Dynamite series picks up where the series left off. We are reintroduced to the inhabitants of Collinwood, of which there are quite a few.
As usual a mysterious and evil force takes over David Collins, I swear this kid is possessed ever other day, and eventually enslaves most of the Collins family. The ominous message, 'She approaches' is repeated constantly. On top of this crisis Dr. Hoffman suspects that Barnabas has been feeding again. Over the course of the series Barnabas was cured of his vampire curse...and then re-cursed, and cured was a vicious cycle.
We eventually learn that sometimes lover, sometimes nemesis, Angelique has returned from the dead...again. Even though this comic picks up where the series left off it is still easily accessible for those unfamiliar with the property. The creepy and gothic atmosphere of the series is preserved through the great artwork each issue. The only complaint I have is Quentin suddenly acquiring the ability to talk while in his werewolf form. Though, this is a minor concern. Overall, this is a series that new and old fans can easily appreciate.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fanholes Side Story: Curse of Dark Shadows part 1

By now you may have seen the trailer for the feature film Dark Shadows. What you may not be aware of is the long history behind this property. Dark Shadows began as a gothic soap opera in 1966. Don't let the soap opera label fool you though. Dark Shadows has much more to offer than the usual melodramatic storylines. Some of the story arcs included time travel and parallel realities, not to mention a colorful cast of characters that included vampires, ghosts, witches, and werewolves. Viewers could tune in one week and see a version of Frankenstein or The Picture of Dorian Gray and next week they might see shades of Rebecca. Dark Shadows would go on to spawn merchandise ranging from trading cards and comic books, to coloring books and View Master reels.
Dark Shadows is also the only soap opera to spawn a feature film. No, I'm not referring to the coming Tim Burton film. In 1970 House of Dark Shadows arrived in theaters. A second film, Night of Dark Shadows, followed in 1971. 1971 also saw the cancellation of the tv series. There were many factors in the decision to cancel Dark Shadows, but in the end even the actors and writers will tell you they had simply ran out of material. The series had an impact on young viewers, two of whom were Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Bestselling author Anne Rice was clearly influenced. One story on Dark Shadows had the vampire Barnabas Collins locked in his coffin as a struggling author recorded the details of his life. Sound familiar?
Dark Shadows was gone but not forgotten. Through syndication and VHS tapes new fans were born. Much like Star Trek, Dark Shadows conventions began to spring up. In 1991 NBC brought the series back to life. The series ultimately ran for twelve episodes and though it was a hit the constant interruptions for Gulf War coverage and rescheduling of episodes finally led NBC to cancel the series. A few years later reruns of the original series began airing on the Sci-Fi channel, spawning a new generation of fans (myself included). If you are at all curious about the original series there are a few 'best of' dvd collections out there. This might be a good place to start as there are well over 1,000 episodes.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fanholes Episode # 44: Bring Back Thor's Titty Discs!

Assemble for the all-Avengers episode of Fanholes! Listen and learn the Fanholes' favorite and least-favorite Avengers team members, stories, and eras, as well as their thoughts on the various Avengers cartoons.

Fanholes Episode # 44: Bring Back Thor's Titty Discs!

You can check out Derek's entire Top Ten Favorite Avengers Comics List here!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fanholes Sidecast #18 - WHEREZ DA JAVA?!?!

Fanholes regulars Tony (Chainclaw), Mike (Thunderwing), Brian (Breakdown) and Justin (Grimlock) give commentary on the episode of Avengers: United They Stand titled "Comes A Swordsman."