Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fanholes Side Story: Curse of Dark Shadows part 2

In addition to returning to the big screen with a new feature film Dark Shadows has also returned to comics. Dynamite has been publishing new adventures of Barnabas and company since last October. Written by Stuart Manning, who also wrote several Big Finish Audio Drama stories for Dark Shadows, has picked up where the series left off.
When we last saw Barnabas on the series he had went back in time to 1840 to prevent the destruction of the Collinwood Estate. His mission accomplished, he and 'sidekick' Dr. Julia Hoffman returned to their home time of 1971. The new Dynamite series picks up where the series left off. We are reintroduced to the inhabitants of Collinwood, of which there are quite a few.
As usual a mysterious and evil force takes over David Collins, I swear this kid is possessed ever other day, and eventually enslaves most of the Collins family. The ominous message, 'She approaches' is repeated constantly. On top of this crisis Dr. Hoffman suspects that Barnabas has been feeding again. Over the course of the series Barnabas was cured of his vampire curse...and then re-cursed, and cured was a vicious cycle.
We eventually learn that sometimes lover, sometimes nemesis, Angelique has returned from the dead...again. Even though this comic picks up where the series left off it is still easily accessible for those unfamiliar with the property. The creepy and gothic atmosphere of the series is preserved through the great artwork each issue. The only complaint I have is Quentin suddenly acquiring the ability to talk while in his werewolf form. Though, this is a minor concern. Overall, this is a series that new and old fans can easily appreciate.

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