Monday, June 30, 2014

Fanholes Figure That! (MAFEX The Dark Knight Rises Batman)

Probably not news to anybody who follows this blogspot, but MAFEX/Medicom Batman is awesome! MAFEX actually stands for Miracle Action Figure EX. While I'm not 100% certain, I would imagine the EX is short for extreeeeeme!!!!!!

He is certainly extremely poseable.

"Hahahaha! Awesome. Batman defends your hooch from Deadpool." - Ben a.k.a. fishmilkshake (Action Figure Blues Podcast Host and Forum Administrator)

This figure is more closer in scale with DC Universe Classics and Marvel Legends than the Mattel Movie Masters version. It has all the articulation of Marvel Legends and better, without any of the drawbacks. In my opinon, he doesn't look ugly and the shoulder pads cover up any weird tomato-looking ball joints. In addition, he is easy to pose. With Marvel Legends it feels like it's either a marionette and loose as hell or so tight that if you try to move an arm you might break it. Here, the joints are not loosey-goosey, but they are not super-tight either. To me, they move like butter and hold that pose like butter in the fridge. Or as Goldielocks might say, they are juuuuust right. He comes with enough accessories to be awesome. There is a grapple gun, a sonic rifle, swap out fists (a.k.a. punchy-hands), open hands and one right-trigger hand). However, there are not so many alternate hands that one becomes overwhelmed with options.

I'd like to address the two major drawbacks I'd heard about up front, and simply state I'm completely fine with both. One, the figure can stand just fine and does not require the stand he comes with to be stationary.

Two, yes his arms do pop off at the drop of a hat. But to me, that's better than breaking off while the ball joint stays in the socket if you get to overzealous with your poses.

I've also heard that some folks thought the cape should be wired. Speaking as a collector who has a wired Mattel Adam West Batman from the two-pack with Robin, I can safely state that it doesn't really help pose the cape very well anyway and the non-wired cloth version makes either Batman figure easy to sit down in a Batmobile.

In the final analysis, MAFEX The Dark Knight Rises Batman is honestly the best 6" movie Batman ever.

- Derek

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