Friday, July 29, 2011

Fanholes Side Story: Smurfs Are Smurfy! part 3

First, let's discuss the theme song. As a kid, the only time I ever found Gargamel frightening was during the opening sequence where he uses a magic spell to destroy the Smurf village. The series ran for nine seasons so this will be just a quick overview of two episodes. It's interesting to note that episode 16, ‘The Purple Smurfs’, is based on the comic ‘The Black Smurfs’. The change from black to purple was made for fears of racism. Who would have thought something as innocent as the Smurfs would be accused of racism?

Only recently has The Purple Smurfs comic been released in the US.

The Purple Smurfs come about after a purple fly bites Lazy Smurf on his Smurf tail. For some reason this has the affect of turning him into a Purple Smurf. Not just Purple though, he is pretty much a mindless Smurf zombie. Hopping around, shouting ‘Gnap!’ and infecting other Smurfs. Papa Smurf is able to make an antidote after capturing the purple fly, but not before the other Smurfs have transformed into Purple Smurfs.

As Papa Smurf returns to his hut for more antidote he is bitten. During Papa's transformation into a Purple Smurf his hut explodes. The resulting explosion sends the antidote into the air which cures the others.

The Purple Smurfs is one of the better episodes, so if you’re looking for a little nostalgia fix I’d recommend this episode. Plus, it's just fun seeing the Smurfs become insane zombies and biting each other.

Based on the comic of the same name, Gargamel decides the only way to destroy the Smurfs is by attacking from within. To do this he creates Smurfette. So what does it take to create a Smurfette? A magical lump of blue clay, a dash of sugar and spice (but nothing nice), a dab of crocodile tears, half a pack of lies, the chatter of a magpie, and a heart of stone. Thus, Gargamel creates the only female Smurf. Meanwhile, the Smurfs are out picking Smurf berries. Hefty Smurf is the first to encounter Gargamel’s creation, finding her crying all by her lonesome.

She asks, ‘Do you like what you see?’ ‘I dunno.’ Hefty replies, having never seen a female Smurf before. ‘You will!’ Smurfette responds with a sly smile. Hefty immediately takes her to the village. Not long after she contacts Gargamel and begins her scheme. She tricks Greedy Smurf into opening the dam. Then, in a battle over the control leaver, breaks it, flooding the village.

Papa Smurf puts her on trial where she confesses to being an agent of Gargamel. She then asks if there is any way she can become a real Smurf. Papa Smurf creates a spell which transforms Smurfette from a dark haired evil creation into a blonde full-fledged Smurf. When the Smurfs see her they immediately begin fighting over her. Gargamel tricks her, so she tells the Smurfs a surprise is waiting at the oak tree. All the Smurfs immediately run out and fall in to the trap.

In an attempt to distract Gargamel and Azrael, Smurfette dresses up as The Lone Smurf and manages to free the Smurfs. After Gargamel and Azrael are defeated, the Smurfs are surprised to learn that their savior is in fact Smurfette!

In the comic Smurfette leaves because she can’t stand all the Smurfs fighting over her. She does, however, come back eventually. So we now know the origin of Smurfette, but the question remains...where did the other Smurfs come from? Perhaps it's best to simply relax and enjoy the cartoons or comics.

Bottom line, if you're even a little bit curious about the new film i'd recommend taking a look at the comics or picking up the DVDs of the animated series. As i said, they are great fun, full of humor and a nice distraction. Plus, if you want to look deeper into some stories you may find some social commentary.

And another thing, as Papa Smurf says...

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