Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fanholes Sidecast # 14 - Finite Boob Windows!

Fanholes regulars Tony (Chainclaw), Derek (derekwc), Mike (Thunderwing) and Justin (Grimlock) give commentary on the upcoming DC comic book series Before Watchmen, Earth 2, and World's Finest.


  1. Sorry pal, you are slightly mistaken about the heroes Alan Moore originally wanted in Watchmen - check out my post - - for the full lowdown on Charlton, and the what Alan had in mind.

    1. Jay, I fail to see how you suggest anything different other than the above video. Sure there were the MLJ heroes, which mostly ended up being the Minutemen anyway. Also your tone is "slightly" insulting "pal", especially since all you are doing is promoting your own article.