Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fanholes Comic Books Mutha@#$%! Do You Read 'Em?!? # 31: Fanholes Frightest - We Are Venom!

Comic Books Mutha@#$%! Do You Read 'Em?!? is kicking off our annual Fanholes Frightfest by tying into the feature film debut of Venom with some comic books featuring Venom! What did the Fanholes pick? And has Derek lost his GODDAMN mind?!?!?! Listen to find out!!!
Tony: Amazing Spider-Man #347 March 12, 1991
Justin: Kid N' Play #9 August/October 1, 1992
Mike: Iron Man #302 On Sale Date: January 25, 1994
Derek: Beavis and Butthead #3 March 15, 1994

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