Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fanholes Episode # 172: Goddamn Cosplay!

Join Justin and Derek for a candid and unplanned discussion about Derek's trip to Denver Comic Con 2018. How Derek meets Kaiju No Kami and Cruelica Kain in person, watched the excellent documentary on the film Monster Squad, called "Wolfman's Got Nards", going to see Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson's panel, waiting in line to get autographs and commissions from comic book creators, meeting comic book Legend Frank Miller, the Milestone Comics 25th Anniversary panel, and of course Goddamn Cosplay! Check it out!

Fanholes Episode # 172: Goddamn Cosplay! - Download this episode (right click and save)

Wolfman's Got Nards
Trekker Talk

Also don't forget to check out the Kaiju No Kami youtube channel for more Denver Comic Con Coverage and Dollar Bin Reviews for Comic Book Video Reviews!

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