Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fanholes Episode # 151: Pool-Cast

Hey weirdos, it's me- the Merc With The Mouth, the Regenerating Degenerate, the non-Inhuman, non-mutant, maybe-X-Man that men call...Deadpool! And now I'm the Outcast With A Podcast, because Fanholes is all about me! Heh, didja like how I rhymed "-cast" with "-cast"? THAT's style.

Listen in as three unmarried losers discuss my greatest exploits in comic book land, and also my...le gasp...WORST stories ever?! Hey, whatever...much like a burrito, pudding pop, or Golden Girls episode, any Deadpool is good Deadpool!

Hey...wait, whaddayamean, "only this single episode of Fanholes is about me"? Grrrrr, that's not what THEY said! Whelp, those lousy geeks better start running to Mexico before President Trump closes the borders, cuz' THERE'S GONNA BE A WHUPPIN'!

Fanholes Episode # 151: Pool-Cast

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